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Oftentimes, people think home renovations would only involve major alterations to any home. A remodelling project that only professionals are capable of accomplishing or an added home feature that only the big bucks can afford.

But that’s not true at all. Home renovations can involve as simple a task as updating the fixtures in the master bathroom or replacing the window sills.

Homeowners are often prompted to renovate their properties because of the following reasons:

  1. Increase the property’s value
  2. Maximize a property’s selling price
  3. Boost the rental income
  4. Create greater functionality
  5. Avoid relocating

If you’ve decided to renovate your home as well, for whatever reason, we can help you get more solid ideas about what to change or enhance based off the renovating projects these folks’ homes have gone through.

  1. A designer from L.A. found new solace in the kitchen oasis he created only by changing the lighting and updating the kitchen tiles, opting for a more textured material.
  2. An up and coming contractor found his first job renovating his mother-in-law’s bathroom. The only major work involved was tearing out the outdated counter, painting everything White, and spray-painting fixtures with Black. The effect is a bathroom haven.
  3. This woman who owns a ranch in Tulsa only needed to do was install concrete pavers, replace her worn-out firepit, and create a seating area. All this under $900!
  4. If you have an unused garage or an unused space just wasting away. Why not imitate this family in Sydney? Garage-turned-poolhouse with matching swimming pool and play area for the kids. Voila! Instant entertaining area for guests.

Home renovations don’t have to be just added complications to your already hectic and busy life. Just avoid making these significant mistakes if you want to steer clear of stress.

  1. Not doing your due diligence
  2. Underestimating costs
  3. Not sticking to the budget
  4. Choosing low-quality materials
  5. Renovating the wrong elements of your home

Home renovations can be excellent opportunities to showcase your creative side. All you need is a full-proof plan which you then proceed to follow through with a concrete implementation.

Discuss options with your family and friends, contact relatives who’ve recently had a job done on their homes. Write down your wishlist and turn them into solid, actionable plans.

Just remember always to consider your lifestyle and your comfort in the plan. After all, you’ll be the ones living through the changes you make.

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