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Landscaping your property can both be exhilarating and frustrating.

Cooking up ideas to improve your home can inspire and motivate. But, encountering stumbling blocks like budget constraints can cause such demoralizing disappointments.

Over the years, we’ve received many calls and reassured just as many troubled customers who’ve either been ‘jilted’ by their previous suppliers or been unable to get the premium material they want to improve their home.

You may have gone through the same plight or are going through this ordeal now. We sympathize. But, there’s no need to stress. Just from landing on this page, you’ve regained some semblance of control.

In this post, we discuss 15 of the most brilliant budget landscaping ideas that are trending today. These creative inputs are not only affordable, but they’re quite easy to accomplish, too.

Are you ready?

Make Subtle Changes

Simple is beautiful, that’s for sure.

Small additions to your hardscape and subtle accents can contribute significantly to creating attractive focal features. Here are some uncomplicated ideas.

 1. Add a flower bed border
 2. Add a path
 3. Use colours to your advantage
 4. Use the versatility of borders
 5. Use cost-effective elements
 6. Add texture and character
 7. Mix grass and pavers
 8. Use one type of material for two or more areas
 9. Use a single component for all surfaces in an area

Take Control of Your Hardscapes

Hardscapes will provide a particular functionality to your yard. Not only that, if done right, they can add significant value to your home, too. Take these examples, for instance.

 10. Use a retaining wall
 11. Build an outdoor firepit
 12. Revamp your patio with pavers

Adopt a Theme

Applying a theme for your landscape can do amazing things for your budget. You can create a landscape based off a theme that’s based on inexpensive materials or those that require low maintenance. Here are a couple of suggestions.

 13. Develop a rustic look
 14. Create a modern theme

Be Ingenious.

Sometimes, all it takes is some forward-thinking. If you’ve already set your heart on the specific design and material, visit your favourite APC store. Watch for promotional sales and discounts. When they come, that’ll be the time to grab those materials on your wishlist.

 15. Check For Sales and Discounts

Stick to your budget and achieve your dream landscape without sacrificing the quality of materials. Visit your local APC store.

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