Outdoor Tiles Ottoway

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Arctic Marble Pavers | French Pattern Marble Pavers

Arctic Marble

Our APC Exclusive Arctic Marble is natural stone with a distinctive and elegant look that will never go out of style. Suitable for pools, patios and more.
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Baltic Marble Pavers | French Pattern Marble Pavers

Baltic Marble

Our APC Exclusive Baltic Marble is a highly durable paving stone perfectly suited for the outdoors as it is low maintenance and hardwearing.
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Beige Limestone French Pattern Pavers

Beige Limestone

Our APC Exclusive Beige Limestone Pavers are available in a French Pattern finish that looks timeless for Courtyards, patios and alfresco areas.
from $79 m2
Bluestone Marble Outdoor Pavers

Bluestone Marble

APC Exclusive Bluestone Marble pavers & tiles are perfect decorative stone for indoor and outdoor flooring, feature walls, entertainment areas and more.
from $63.95 m2
Classic Mix Travertine Pool Coping Pavers

Classic Blend Travertine

Our APC Exclusive Classic Blend is an assortment of travertine that gives a versatile and natural look for indoors & outdoors for a seamless living area.
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Classic Cream Travertine Pool Pavers | 600 x 300 Pavers 30mm

Classic Cream Travertine

APC Exclusive Classic Cream Travertine pavers & tiles are durable and hard-wearing, perfect option for indoor & outdoor areas for seamless living area.
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Country Classic Travertine Pool Area Paver

Country Blend Travertine

Our APC Exclusive Country Blend Travertine is a unique and timeless paver that has several patterned finishes to give a personalised touch to your home.
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Gold Travertine Paved Driveway

Gold Travertine

Our APC Exclusive Gold Travertine pavers have a rich warm colour, giving your indoor or outdoor area a welcoming look and feel. Find out more with APC!
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Medium Light Travertine Honed and Filled Tiles

Honed and Filled Travertine

APC Exclusive Honed and Filled Travertine is a process that seals the naturally porous stone and gives a smooth finish yet maintains their elegant look.
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Ironstone Red Travertine Pool Pavers - 600 x 300 Pavers

Ironstone Red Travertine

Our APC Exclusive Ironstone Red Travertine is a one of a kind paver that adds a unique personality to your home. Travertine is perfect for pools and more.
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Medium Light Travertine

Medium Light Travertine

Our APC Exclusive Medium Light Travertine pavers and tiles have a soft and smooth finish which gives off a natural and welcoming feel to your home.
Noce Travertine Pool Pavers

Noce Travertine

Our APC Exclusive Noce Travertine is unique and timeless that can be styled in a traditional or French pattern to give a personalised touch to your home.
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Oyster Travertine | French Pattern Travertine

Oyster Travertine

Our APC Exclusive Oyster Travertine is an assortment of travertine which gives off a natural look. Us indoors and outdoors for a seamless living area.
Noce Travertine Outdoor Pool Pavers

Pools Copers & Step Treads

Pools Copers, Step Treads and Walling Caps are available in a range of colours, sizes and profiles. Browse through our website & request a FREE quote.
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Stoneware Pool Surrounds - Panther Black


Porcelain is the perfect option for those who love the look of natural stone but would prefer a low maintenance option. Request your FREE quote today!
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Silver Travertine Pool Pavers

Silver Travertine

Our APC Exclusive Silver Travertine is a unique natural stone that gives off a premium look in your outdoor entertaining area.

FAQ about Outdoor Tiles

When choosing your outdoor tiles, think about how they will be used in your home. If you like to entertain and food or drink spills will be likely, we recommend a tile that is easy to clean and low maintenance. Or, if your outdoor tile will be extended to your pool area, choose a paver that is slip resistant and cool under foot.

Here we have written a blog on what to look for and consider when choosing outdoor tiles.

Absolutely! At APC, we have an extensive range of tiles that can be used indoors and outdoors for a seamless living area.

You can lay your outdoor tiles over almost any surface. If you have a concrete slab, you can build over this using our 10-12mm tiles. Or, if you are laying over gravel or sand, we have 20mm paver tiles perfect for this surface.

Speak with one of our expert staff and we can give you information on how to lay outdoor tiles yourself.

If you are not quite up for the job, we know someone who is! We know all the local, qualified and trusted tradies in South Australia, so we can recommend someone to do the job for you.

How to pave over concrete

How to lay outdoor tiles over sand

Frequent sweeping and maintenance will keep your tiles looking clean all year round. If you need a thorough clean you can use a pressure washer, or if you do not have access to one, we recommend using a hose.

If you are unsure what cleaning chemicals can be used on your outdoor tiles and pavers, talk to one of our expert staff for help.

Click here for more info on how to clean outdoor tiles and pavers

APC is your one stop shop to buy quality and durable outdoor tiles in South Australia. Browse our range online, or visit us instore to speak with one of our expert staff and pick up a free sample. Click here to find a local store near you.

We have an extensive range  of outdoor tiles in Adelaide to choose from. Visit your local APC store near you to view our amazing outdoor tile displays. For those who are handy, we have a huge range of DIY information to help you through every step of laying your outdoor tiles. Alternatively, we have preferred licensed Tradies to quote for any installation.

APC Has you covered for Outdoor Tiles in Ottoway

Make the most of your outdoor area with our outdoor tiles from Australian Paving Centre Ottoway. Our tiles and paver tiles are not only top quality but come in a range of designs, textures, patterns and colours. With choices from Travertine, marble, bluestone, porcelain, stoneware and more, you can build the home of dreams.

Whether you are looking for natural stone, porcelain, stoneware or concrete, we have a tile that will suit your style. Browse our range online or visit us instore to speak with one of our expert staff and pick up a free sample.

Australian Paving Centre Ottoway is your source for Outdoor Tiles in Ottoway. Australian Paving Centre Ottoway services the Adelaide western suburbs region including Woodville, Ottoway, North Haven & West Lakes.