Concrete Sleepers

Looking to buy Concrete Sleepers at the best prices? The steel reinforced and structurally strong Sleepers are available in a range of colours and sizes.
Colour Range
Concrete Sleepers Sandstone Sandstone
Concrete Sleepers - Industrial Natural Grey Industrial Grey
Concrete Sleepers Charcoal Charcoal
Concrete Sleepers Federation Federation Texture
Concrete Sleepers Blakeview Blakeview Texture
Concrete Sleepers Grecian Grecian Texture
Concrete Sleepers Bedrock Bedrock Texture
Concrete Sleepers Crazy Slate Crazy Slate Texture
Concrete Sleepers Stretton Stretton Texture
Concrete Sleepers Stonewood.png Stone Wood Texture
Industrial Sandstone Industrial Finish
Disclaimer: Colour swatches on this website are a guide only. We recommend to view the latest product samples instore before making your final selection.
  • Steel reinforced and structurally sound
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cost effective if you DIY, otherwise consider block systems as an alternative
Suitable for
  • Retaining walls
  • Vertical boundary walls where you need a fence on top
  • APC recommends a more cost effective alternative using segmental blocks. See below for recommendations.
Specifications Size (WxHxD) No.per m2 Weight per unit m2 per pallet
Concrete Sleeper 1.6m x 200 x 75mm N/A 75kg N/A
Concrete Sleeper 2m x 200 x 80mm N/A 85kg N/A
Concrete Sleeper 2m x 200 x 100mm N/A 95kg N/A
Concrete Sleeper 2m x 100 x 100mm N/A 43KG N/A
Concrete Sleeper 2.4m x 100 x 100mm N/A 60kg N/A
Concrete Sleeper Plinth 2.4m x 200 x 100mm N/A 120kg N/A
Concrete Sleeper Plinth 2.36m x 200 x 50mm N/A 60kg N/A

Concrete Sleepers

Concrete Sleepers are strong and durable retaining wall materials that are sure to make your walls sturdy for a long time. These blocks are ideal for vertical boundary walls and retainer walls as they are impervious to insects and are remarkably resistant to rotting, splitting, splintering, and warping. Available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and textures, so you’ll never have issues blending it in with the current design of your home or the layout of your property!

Australian Paving Centre recommends a more cost effective way to retain a fenced boundary using segmental blocks. Check out this blog to find out more.

For walls 600mm high or lower, APC recommends a more cost-effective system with –
For walls over 600mm in height, APC recommends a more cost-effective system with –

IMPORTANT TIP: 80mm thick Concrete Sleepers will not fit in 100 UB(RSJ). We recommend the 120 UB(RSJ) for 80mm thick Sleepers sizes. For 100 mm thick Concrete Sleepers we recommend 150 mm UB(RSJ) steel.

Additional information

Wall Height

Retaining Wall 800mm +

Wall Type


Build Location


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