Versasmooth Garden Block Ivory

What are the best Garden Walls

When it comes to garden walls, how do you decide what product is best for your project? At APC, we're here to help answer those questions.
Silver Travertine Tiles Pathway and Steps - Coastal Landscapes and Fencing

Stepping Ideas for Your Home

Landscaping with retaining walls and steps is a fantastic way to add value and appeal to your home. It will accomodate sloped areas in the garden.
Honeycomb Granite Step Pavers

Building Steps: Your Guide

Technically, there's really nothing difficult about building steps. Learn from this visual guide on how to build steps using Freestone Blocks.
Textured Easy Lock Block | Retaining Wall | Charcoal

Step Into Walling

Step into walling - Landscaping with retaining wall units and steps is a fantastic way to add value, character and appeal to your home.

APC has everything you need for Steps in Port Adelaide | Ottoway

At Australian Paving Centre, we have Adelaide’s largest range of steps and paving steps. We also have extensive resources of insights, advice and industry knowledge that will help answer all your questions.

Our team of expert staff are here help you. So no matter if you are looking for answers to questions like:

  • What are the best bricks or pavers to create steps and how to choose them?
  • How to lay, maintain and look after your steps and pavers?
  • How to pave on top of sand or concrete? 

We have a products to suit any budget from our more cost effective range to our high end premium products. We also have insights and articles to answer all questions you may have about how to use them, how to choose them and what may be the best way to apply them.