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Paver Maintenance and Remedies

Once your pavers have been laid, here are a few paves maintenance and remedies to keep your new addition looking like the day it went down.
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What Is Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a white powdery residue that forms when moisture from within the product dries out leaving behind a white salty deposit.
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Cleaning, Sealers and Remedies

APC give you the best tips on cleaning your pavers. By keeping pavers maintained & cleaned they will look as good as the day they were laid.
DIY Paver Brochure

How To Pave | The Ultimate Guide

Are you thinking of doing your paving project yourself? We have created the most extensive guide for you. Read these easy to follow steps.
DIY Paver Brochure | APC Delivery

DIY Paving Guide

Get your very own complete guide for DIY paving by reading this paving brochure from this page and letting our experts guide you for free!

APC has everything you need for Paving Maintenance, Remedies & Sealers in Ottoway

At Australian Paving Centre we are experts in all things paving, which is why we are big believers in paving maintenance and paving remedies. We know that your paving, retaining walls, garden edging, pool pavers and more are a large investment for your home. Which is why we want to help educate our customers with ways in which you can maintain, upkeep and preserve your investment for years to come. 

Our blog articles below provide insights into how to keep your pavers clean, how to seal them correctly, how to perform general maintenance, removing moss, weeds, stains and more.

We have a wide range of paving sealer and paving cleaners that can assist with the upkeep and maintenance of your pavers. Read through our articles below to understand how to use them, how to choose them and what may be the best way to apply them.

If you have any questions which you can’t find answered in our blogs, please contact your local APC and our friendly expert staff will be happy to help.