Complete Guide to Pool Coping & Pool Pavers

Silver Travertine Pool Pavers

A swimming pool can instantly transform your backyard into a real paradise as well as being fun for the whole family. It can also increase the long term value of your home.

The decision to add a pool to your home comes with different factors, and it’s essential to proceed with careful planning. It’s an investment in your home so you want to ensure it’s done correctly and that you achieve the desired look you want. We recommend planning your pool coping and paving before you settle on your pool contractor. A lot of pool contractors will try to force you to use their pool coping but then you may be stuck with a style you’re not wanting. We recommend that you manage the choice and purchase of your pool coping and paving yourself.

The Right Pavers

Choosing the right pavers around your pool should be on the top of your list. Take in to account the fact that pavers around your pool will always be wet. This is why it’s essential to look for specific features and understand that not all pavers are created equal.

Aside from the pavers’ texture, also check for safety and comfort by testing how they feel to the touch. Smooth surfaces are hazardous when wet, resulting in slippery surfaces and potential injuries. On the other hand, textured surfaces that are excessively rough can also hurt your bare feet.

When choosing poolside pavers, the texture should not be your only focus. There are 4 main features and benefits you need to look for in your pool pavers –

Cool under foot

With our hot summers, it’s important to make sure that your pool paving is cool under foot. What this means is that your pool paver doesn’t retain heat so when walking around your pool in bare feet, you can comfortably walk without your feet getting burnt. Travertine is a popular choice for pools for this very reason. It also does not retain heat so are nice to walk on but not only that, they look luxurious around pools.

Matching coping and step treads

These days, people are looking for a seamless finish and a matching coping is an important aspect of your pool paving selection. All our pool pavers have a range of matching coping from a modern drop face to a smooth bullnose. With the largest range of pool paving choices, you’ll be sure to find the perfect choice for your pool.

Salt resistance

Most pools use salt instead of chlorine to prevent algae and bacterial growth. While this saves you from using chemical additives, using salt can damage pavers around your pool. Typical damage can result in pitting, erosions, cracking or breaking. This means you need to choose pavers with salt-resistant features.

Slip resistance

In addition to providing an attractive look to your pool, pavers also create a surface to walk on. These pavers should be slip-resistant to avoid accidents and injuries, given your pavers will be wet most of the time.

Here at Australian Paving Centre, we provide you with pavers that are both salt and slip resistant. You get both features in one paver without sacrificing style.

What is pool coping?

Pool coping is considered the finishing touch when building a pool.  It’s the edging or cap they place on the rim of the pool.  This is an essential finish since they’re placed around your pool edge and this is what will make your pool come together.

If you’re renovating your pool, choosing a replacement pool coper may take time.  You need to consider the size of your coper and if it matches the existing paving you already have installed.

When it comes to choosing copers, most people would normally look for the colour they want and move on to the style.  There’s actually more to it than that.  One of the main factors that confuse shoppers is the wide range of copers available.  You may know the colour and style but do you know what to answer when asked what type of coper you need?

There are several pool coping profiles or shapes that you can choose from depending on your style and preference. Here are the most popular pool coping styles –

Drop down face or Rebated edge

Drop Down Face pool edge has become one of the most favoured choices for pool coping. It creates a hidden rim that makes the water appear like it comes flush with the surface, giving the illusion of a seamless look.

Square Edge

As the name suggests, the edges are square and perfect for those who want to achieve a contemporary and minimalist look. Choosing this coping option gives a simple yet elegant finish to your pool.


Bullnose has a rounded edge that is ideal for traditional design. It’s preferred amongst families who have children that climb in and out from the sides of the pool. There are three types of bullnose coping – single, triple and internal bullnose pieces.

Select the single coping if safety for your kids and elderly is a priority, as the smooth edges will prevent encountering sharp edges and scrapes. The double and triple bullnose, which is also known as a waterfall edge, is considered trendy for its highly customised look and feel. It gives off an elegant and luxurious touch to your pool.

If you don’t know how to work out the corners of your pool, don’t worry. The internal bullnose is ideal for you. It’s specially made for those tight corners and boasts a smooth finish that will give you peace of mind.

External corners are also popular for pool surrounds such as steps and capping for walls.


As the name suggests, they are a rounded bullnose but shaped like a sharks head in profile Use them as step treads and pool copers for a balanced look.

Value For Your Money

To get the best value for your money, research materials you’ll need. The type of pavers that go around your pool should have exceptional quality and the same applies to your pool copings.

Others may invest more in areas such as filtration and keeping the water clean, or pool installation expenses such as covers, landscaping, or heating. However, you need to factor in your pool coping and pavers as this too is an investment in your home and is aesthetically one of the first things you’ll be looking at. Paving and coping doesn’t just serve a purpose but depending on your choice, will totally transform the look of your pool area.

Remember that getting value for your money is not solely based on the purchase price but also the maximum effectiveness of your purchase.  By selecting premium quality pavers, you get all the features and benefits you need from a pool paver but you’ll add value to your home as well as they will last for a long time to come.

Availability Of Stock

Another aspect most homeowners tend to neglect is the availability of pavers. Unavailability can lead to frantically looking for an alternative or waiting long periods for the stock to replenish, resulting in delays to complete your pool installation. It can also mean trying to complete the project quickly and ending up with pavers that don’t match with the surrounding outdoor design.

You won’t have that dilemma with APC.  Stocks are readily available, and you can have them delivered to your home without waiting for long periods.

The extensive range of pavers available is suited to meet all types of budgets.  Whether you’re looking for affordable pavers or something more luxurious and stylish, we provide the same high-quality products and service.  Our expert staff can help you choose the right pool paver and coping for your home.

Matching Pool Copings with Pavers

A typical scenario when it comes to pool installation is that pool builders commit to constructing customers’ pools without disclosing that they don’t have pavers to match their selection of pool copings. Pool builders may have limited options when it comes to paver selections around pools and they will steer you towards a product they make an extra dollar on.

They may not offer the best option for pool surrounds and pool paving. Homeowners end up with an inconsistent pool theme that they don’t want. You can typically see this on pools where the coping around their pool drastically contrasts their outdoor pavers.

Often, we have customers visit a store and complain about the type of pool surround they have been recommended or they cannot find a paver to match the pool surround. Unknown to many, you can purchase your pool coping and pavers separate from your contractors and purchase these elsewhere. While some contractors may object to this and discourage you with hefty prices or installation bundles, you are able to manage this with your pool contractor and take control of your purchases.

At APC, we have the largest and most extensive range of pavers and pool coping that will meet your design and your budget. This will result in your pool area seamlessly connecting to your patio, alfresco or outdoor living space and being exactly what YOU want.

The importance of choosing the right pool paving and coping

Your pool coping is not just to make your pool look stylish but also to make it durable and safe.

Consider it as the cap of the swimming pool which gives you something to grab onto when you’re trying to get out of the water. When correctly installed, the coping prevents water from damaging the integrity of your pool by letting the water flow down into the deck drains. It also gives your pool a classy and presentable look while making it safer for users.

An important tip for pool installation is to ensure that your installer backfills the pool wall area with properly compacted materials to stop it from sinking over time. Ideally, pool paving should be done at least 6-8 weeks after compaction to allow for normal soil settling.

Don’t let a pool company sell you a pool coper that cannot be matched with the paving later. At Australian Paving Centre, we can assist you in selecting the right paver and the pool coping to match.

Choosing The Wrong Pool Coping

Most importantly, not all pavers and natural stone are cool underfoot, which can be a problem around your pool. Granite and marble are the hottest underfoot and you would not be comfortable sitting on it on a hot summer’s day as it will burn your skin. If you have a family and children, this is an especially important feature you want to look for in your paver and coping.

Your pool coping style is also important. If you’re wanting a modern style, a drop face coping is a popular choice. If you have children that will pull themselves up and out of the pool from the sides, a smooth bullnose coping is popular to avoid harsh corners and your children scraping themselves against rough edges.

Porcelain paving, clay pavers and concrete pavers can also get hot underfoot, whereas Travertine is a great option. At APC we have expert staff that will provide unbiased advice on all types of man-made and natural stone pool pavers.

The colour of your paving can also come in to play. Dark colours attract heat whereas lighter tones can be a better option. For this reason, choosing your pool copings needs to be done with thought and attention.

Materials used for pool coping

Most people selecting pool copers or pavers look at colour first, then select based on style and shape second. At APC we suggest that you prioritise these two critical features – salt and slip resistance, which are attributes we can proudly say our copers and pavers have. They shouldn’t be too rough nor should they retain heat.

The best part is that there are so many styles, colours and materials of pool copers available which makes it easier for you to stick to a theme. We offer Adelaide’s most extensive range, including a variety of shapes, from square to rectangular. We have natural stones, concrete and even traditional bricks.

Natural stone

Natural stone pavers are made from granite, slate, limestone or travertine, which is a very dense limestone. The most preferred is travertine as it is considered elegant, unique, and timeless. Its texture, character, and finish create a harmonious look with the surrounding landscape, plus its cool under foot making it a great option for those Aussie summers.

This coping comes in a square edge bevelled top and bottom. We also offer a bullnose, a plain square edge and a drop face.

Concrete pavers

Salt resistance isn’t just a vital feature to ensure long life in your pool paving – it’s even more important for those who live close to the beach.

Concrete pavers are a popular choice in pool paving due to its value for money, lending itself to a huge assortment of colours in comparison to clay. It comes in many different styles. We have the square nose edge, which is flat on the pool’s side and the bullnose type that has a rounded nose. There is also the shark nose, shaped like a shark’s head in profile.

Clay brick pavers

Clay brick pavers can be arranged in different patterns like herringbone, running bond, and many more. It creates a traditional look to your pool.

Choosing Your Pool Builder

How do you ensure your pool copings and pavers match? Carefully select your pool builder. It’s essential to choose a builder that will install your pool while in compliance with regulations and your budget.

You can get referrals from family and friends as they are more likely to be honest with you about their experience. Any referrals you receive, you should then do your research on. You can also ask your local APC store who can refer you to a trusted and licensed builder. To ensure you get the best builder, it’s also wise to talk to several contractors first. Doing this will help you determine how long they’ve been in business and finding one you can trust.

When asking around, most likely you’ll be talking about warranties and quotes. This aspect is where we can help you further – you need to ask the right questions.

Getting Pool Installation Quotes

Asking the right questions can lead you to a pool builder that’s right for you. Start by asking for quotes; some contractors may give you quotes after inspecting the area but evade vital information.

  • What kind of quotes do they give?

Compare quotes from different builders by writing them each down on paper so you can see them side by side. Follow up on their quote with what’s included and what’s not. Doing so will give you an idea on the hidden costs that may come along later and cause a blow to your budget. Ensure that you have everything in writing and that your final contract includes everything you need.

  • Do they include pavers and coping on their quotes?

A follow-up question is whether their quote includes pavers and copings. Some contractors may give you a quote where they’ll provide it as well. Be wary as they might not match since it would all depend on stock availability. Other contractors may only do the coping and then you’re left to try and find paving to match which can be hard to do. Even if you do find the matching paver, they may not be what you want and not have the features and benefits you need from your paver.

Not enough research on materials can also lead to disappointments. You may purchase a paver with excellent features only to find out that the texture is too rough for your bare feet. Others may blindly trust their contractors and go with their recommendation only to see a similar material later on, that’s cheaper for the same or better quality.

Gathering quotes and asking the right questions can help you sort out which pool contractor to choose. Checking stores and holding the paver in your hand can help you decide on your purchase as well as talking with an expert on the features and benefits of the paver. At APC, we offer unbiased advice and what’s best, we also offer free samples that you can take home, to help you with your purchasing decision.

Who can install pool coping?

Pool coping can be installed by a variety of contractors such as pool builders, outdoor paving contractors, tilers, stonemasons and concrete workers. The key is to ensure that they have all the necessary paperwork to back their credentials and experience.

Questions to ask when hiring a pool coping installer

Once you have decided to hire a pool coping installer, don’t hesitate to ask them these questions:

  • Do they come recommended by APC?
    Visit our local store to find the best, most suitable tradies in your local area.
  • Can I see examples of your work?
    Ask for the installers’ portfolio so you can gauge whether you like the quality and designs of their past outputs.
  • Are you licensed for this job?
    Ask them if you can see their license. It doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious with the people you deal with.
  • Can you provide a written, itemised quote?
    You wouldn’t want to be surprised by hidden charges.
  • Do they have a website or a social media platform?
    If so, check out their previous client jobs and their reviews.
  • When can you start work and what is the completed timeframe?
    Check if their schedule will fit with yours.
  • Are you insured to work on my property?
    You want to make sure you’re covered, should something go wrong.

Research to be inspired

There is a wide choice of pool copers available. Through proper research, you will get to choose the one that reflects your personality and style.

Don’t forget to always ask for assistance whenever you are in doubt. This will help you save precious time and resources.

If you’re looking for a professional to help you with your installation, APC has a tradie system with a list of qualified installers that you can count on.  Visit our website to get a quote.

If you’re on the market for pool pavers or just looking around and comparing prices, you’ve come to the right place. Before making a purchase, thorough research should be done. After all, this is the place in your house where you’ll sit back and relax or entertain your guests. Plus, you’re making an important investment in your home.

Coping Materials

When choosing styles, most people would already have an idea as to what colour they prefer. But texture and style are something they normally don’t consider.

What kind of texture are you looking for? Something smooth? A slightly textured to avoid slipping?

What kind of style are you looking for? Something that’s elegant but inexpensive? Durable for seasoned weather? Versatile to match your outside landscaping?

This may seem intimidating but when you narrow down the purpose of what you need, you’ll be able to find the right texture and style for your pool.

How we can help you at APC

Most people who are selecting a pool coper or paver look at colour first, then style and shape second. We tend to look at salt resistance and slip resistance first, then hone in on colour, style and shape.

Not only should the paver be slip resistant but it shouldn’t be too rough or hot underfoot. We also look at how easy it is to keep the pool pavers clean so as not to collect mould, dirt and stain. A paver that is too dimpled may collect all the dirt and discolours over time.

Lastly, every time we recommend pool pavers we also like to have a pool coper that matches in colour, texture and shape.

This process helps us narrow down the best choice for the pool coper and pool pavers and the best way to do this is to go to your local APC display centre.

There are more pavers to choose from

Some of the people we speak to already have a coper fitted by the company who installed the pool. This often leads to disappointments either because they are unable to find a paver to match the coper, or they don’t like the paver style, texture, it’s not cool under foot or the colour that the pool contractor selected.

Our first advice to people is to tell them there is a wide choice of pool copers available. Try to pick your pool coping and pool pavers beforehand. Don’t be limited to the one or two types presented to you by the pool company.

At APC, we can help you every step of the way. Visit your local APC store and we can talk through the many options we have available, provide a quote plus we offer free samples that you can take home with you.

Visit us at APC to pick up a free sample!

Or, send us a product enquiry or request a quote online

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