Largest Selection Of Driveway Pavers in Adelaide

Made in SA
Drivestone Driveway Paver - Graphite 330 x 165 Paver


Drivestone pavers are highly durable, hardwearing and slip resistant, making them the perfect choice for driveway pavers.

APC has the best range of Largest Selection Of Driveway Pavers in Adelaide in Port Adelaide | Ottoway

Our driveway pavers are durable and hard wearing and we have a large choice of colours and sizes including brick pavers. We also have a selection of slip resistant driveway pavers which are great for sloping driveways. If your driveway is curved, straight, sloped or level, we have a driveway paver to suit your needs. Browse through our selection of pavers or visit us at Australian Paving Centre to view our displays.

You can also find out how paving patterns and interlocking your pavers can add further strength to your driveway paving by reading our blogs in our Knowledge Centre as well as create borders and patterns with mixing your paving colours. For driveways, it is recommended to use a minimum 50mm thickness paver.